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Mental Health Technician Certificate

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to a person’s overall well-being. Mental health technicians care for patients with mental or emotional conditions or disabilities. Acting under a health practitioner’s order, technicians monitor a patient’s physical and emotional health; observe and sometimes interact, teach, counsel, or support the patient; restrain patients when needed; and assist patients with their daily tasks such as bathing and cleaning.
The Mental Health Technician Certificate of Competence at Windward Community College provides introductory training for those entering the field of mental health services or as an enhancement for those currently working within the mental health or behavioral health field. Upon successful completion of this 9-credit program students will be awarded  a Windward CC - Certificate of Competence.

Trained mental health technicians are in demand locally for jobs at Hawai‘i State Hospital, Hina Mauka, elder care homes, and through referrals from Windward Health Center, Department of Education, and health care organizations.

ONE SEMESTER : The course consists of 3 online courses to be completed in one semester (16-weeks)
TWO SEMESTER: The course consists of 3 online courses. Students may complete the certificate in 2 semesters, taking either 1 or 2 courses in the fall and the last 1 or 2 in spring.

PSY 100: Survey of Psychology (REQUIRED)

PSY 253: Conflict Resolution & Mediation (REQUIRED)

Student may select one of the following electives:
PSY 170: Psychology of Adjustment (ELECTIVE)
PSY 224: Abnormal Psychology (ELECTIVE)
PSY 240: Developmental Psychology (ELECTIVE)
PSY270: Introduction to Clinical Psychology (ELECTIVE)
PSY 294: Special Topics: Psychology (ELECTIVE)

Electives are offered in the first 8 weeks or the second 8 weeks.  Your elective must be completed by the end of the semester.
Dates:  Jan 8–May 10, 2024
Total Hours: 16 weeks (one semester)
Meets: This is an online asynchronous class. Course material should be completed on your own time.
Location: Online - independent learning

Dates:  Jan 8–Dec 20, 2024
Total Hours: 32 weeks (two semesters)
Meets: This is an online asynchronous class. Course material should be completed on your own time.
Location: Online - independent learning

  • Desktop or laptop computer (laptop loaners available upon request)
  • Access to reliable high-speed Internet
  • Ready and able to connect to meetings through Zoom
  • Access to updated web browsers: Chrome, etc.

Tuition: $4,000 (books included)

Scholarship funding is available though the Good Jobs Hawai'i grant.  If applicant is eligible for funding, all course fees will be covered.
For more information contact:
Ha'aheo (Justin) Pagan
Career and Transfer Counselor

Healthcare Program Learning Outcomes

  • Aquire knowledge to become an effective healthcare provider.
  • Learn skills to become a competent healthcare provider.
  • Develop healthcare professionals who use their training with aloha.
female health worker and female patient