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Creative Industries

Neva Supe-Roque

Stage 32 Accounting in Media Production

This 5-part Master Certification Course covers the fundamental skills required to work as a production accountant, or in the production accounting office, on any media production including, but not limited to, feature films, short films, TV series, commercials, branded digital content, VR content, etc. Each course – watching the lesson and taking the test that follows – takes approximately 4-hours, so the 5-part course can be completed in approximately 20 total learning hours. Each course can be taken at any time. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a industry-recognized credential from Stage 32.

Basic computing skills to navigate the Certification course site. Students must be able to provide a positive response to the following questions:
 1) Are you skilled at using the Internet to get to a website?
2) Are you skilled at creating an Internet account for a website?
3) Are you skilled at logging onto to a website with an Internet account?
4) Are you skilled at taking an online course? (Capable of independent learning with online materials and strong organizational skills to finish within a specified time period)

Date: August 7—Sept 17 , 2024
Days & Time:  M–Sa, anytime
Cost: $1,820*
Meets:  Online,  Hybrid
Students are required to check-in weekly with the Program Coach.

Apply for scholarship funding is available though the Good Jobs Hawai‘i grant.  

Unreal Engine for Filmmakers

This online training is an 8-week, intensive, hands-on program delivered twice a week with one of the meetings a 2-hour lab and Q/A session. In addition to the live meetings, students are expected to work independently for about 15 hours a week on projects. The total program hours: 176. The course is a deep dive for those with no or minimal prior training in Unreal, or for those already trained on other computer graphics software. The student final project is the completion of a 1-3+ minute Unreal Engine video. Upon completing the program a certification from CG Pro highlighting their Premier status in the Unreal training world.

Watch pre-recorded CG Pro Unreal Engine Workshop before enrollment. High performance gaming computer (ideally workstation) with sufficient memory, storage, and graphics card. Minimum 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD drive, NVidia 3070 or above graphics card. Unreal Engine software (free). Students with a computer or laptop without requisite hardware may use high powered remote Virtual Machines, available at a per student cost during the course period @ $400 for the duration of the training program. Computing skills assessment. High speed internet.

Date: August 15—October 10 , 2024
Days & Time:  Th, 3:00–5:00pm, and Sun, 8:00am–1:00pm
Cost: $6,200*
Meets:  Online, real time synchronous

Apply for scholarship funding is available though the Good Jobs Hawai‘i grant.