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email: eventwcc@hawaii.edu
office: (808) 462-4715
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The Center for Aerospace Education (CAE), established in 1985, supports Windward Community College credit and community outreach programs in aerospace science. The CAE is composed of five facilities and services:
Aerospace Exploration Lab
- A hands-on lab where K-6 students are encouraged to touch, explore and enjoy the wonders of science
Hokulani Imaginarium
- A state-of-the-art sky dome featuring shows exploring the heavens, earth, and any subject one can 'Imagine'.
NASA Flight Training Aerospace Education Lab
- A hands-on lab for middle and high school students, complete with computer modeling of airplane design, microgravity research, and projects that require teamwork to be successful
Lanihuli Observatory
- Use our 16" telescope to view the stars and planets, or our solar telescope to observe the sun in all its glory
Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium
- Offering WCC students fellowship stipends to conduct space science-related projects.
Akoakoa Atrium
Large workshop in Akoakoa 105, 103, 101.
Medium workshop in Akoakoa 105 & 103.
facilities room
Job Fair in Akoakoa 105 - 101.