Career Training Online

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Career Training Learning Outcomes

  • Hoʻomohala (Develop) awareness for individual skills and values that articulate towards transferable work-related skills in a variety of career fields.
  • Evaluate a variety of work settings to gain insight and experience towards personal and professional goals. 
  • Ho’olala (Design) effective best practices to market oneself by creating professional documents, future plans, and activating professional networks in job searching.

Career Pathway Explorations

With so much going on in the world today, focused career decision making is more important than ever. In this course we will explore the elements to consider when choosing a career pathway. Which job best suits me? What schedule would you like? What level of responsibility works best for you? How much do you need to earn to support the lifestyle you want? These questions and many more will be examined and answered in this online class.

This 12.5-hour course will be delivered using all of the following formats:
Synchronous Online - Participants meet together in real time via ZOOM. Mandatory class sessions will happen on the first and last dates, TBD.
Asynchronous Online - Participants are to complete the self-paced online modules, between the start and end dates.

  • Active email address per participant (no sharing)
  • Access to desktop or laptop computer
  • Access to reliable high speed internet (min. 512k)
  • Device with camera, microphone & speaker for video conferencing
  • Most recent updated browsers

Dates:  tbd
Class meets:tbd
Location: Online
Cost: tbd

(12.5 hours: 2 hours mandatory class meeting; 10.5 hours self-paced online course to be completed within a 1-week period.)

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