Universal Banker

Breaking the old banking model

As customers utilize more technology for their banking transactions, banks are realizing that the roles and duties of tellers are changing. The Universal Banker training program will enable employees to provide a broad suite of services and information to our bank customers with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. This unique and exciting new program has been validated by the Hawaii Banking Association and will be offered by the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges. This strong industry partnership lead to the inclusion of valuable input from each of Hawaii’s major Banks.

On-Line or Blended Training to Fit Your Learning Style

You may choose one of the two instruction formats below:

Option 1 – On-Line Coached Instruction
Students will receive all instruction through our on-line, self-paced and instructor coached design.  You will be able to view your course through a smart phone, ipad, tablet or computer with internet access. Our on-line system is perfectly designed for a student who is taking an on-line course for the first time needing extra assistance.  Experienced students will also find this system easy to navigate in a self-paced manner.  Students will meet their instructor coach and interact with them through email, phone or video conference. 

Option 2 – Blended Instruction
Students enrolled in our blended design will attend 12 hours of face-to-face instruction in addition to taking the on-line course as described above.  This combination is intended to provide students with supplemental instruction in a traditional classroom setting.

Technology Needs

  • Active email address
  • Computer
  • Tablet,/ipad or smartphone
  • Internet access
  • Device with camera, microphone & speaker for video conferencing

Who May Benefit

This is an introductory course for anyone interested in applying for a position as teller, Universal Banker, Banking Associate, or Customer Service position with one of Hawaii’s Banks.  We welcome adult learners, career changers, Millennials, high school students, and current Bank employees seeking additional skills. 

Enrollment Requirements

Recommended Reading level: 8th grade
Recommended Math level: 8th grade
High School diploma required: No

Student Learning Outcomes and Course Modules

The following 8 course modules have been co-developed with representatives from Hawaii’s Banks and Windward Community College.  Upon completion of the course, students will be able to identify and apply concepts in eight Universal Banking modules including:
  • Banking Fundamentals
  • Consumer Banking Products
  • Ethics in Banking
  • Relationship Building and Needs Based Advising
  • Business Communication
  • Managing Interpersonal Relationships
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Customer Service in Banking

Course Duration

Students will have 4 weeks to complete the self-paced, 8 module course.

Course Hours

On-Line Coached Instruction: 
The estimated time to complete one online, self paced module is between 4-5 hours or approximately 40 hours for all 8 modules.

Optional Face-to-Face Instruction: 
Students may attend 2 classroom sessions.
Sep 27, 9 am - noon (Orientation)
Oct 12, 9 am - 3 pm (Class follow up)

Class Start Dates

Next class starts: September 27, 2017


Option 1 – On-Line Coached Instruction:  $895
Option 2 – Blended Instruction:  $1050

Tuition Assistance

Eligible students may receive up to $900 in tuition assistance.  Assistance is intended for individuals who are unemployed, employed part-time, or employed by temp agencies and seeking permanent employment.

For Additional Information & Registration

Please call (808) 984-3498 or

email keley@hawaii.edu