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Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Tai Chi (Yang Style)

Learn this venerable Chinese martial arts to improve your mental and physical health. It is an excellent prescription for stress relief and is noted for increasing the mind’s ability to focus. While strengthening and limbering the body, it also increases circulation and has been shown to lower blood pressure. It is a subtle and sophisticated martial art. New students are welcome at the first class in January, April, July and October.

Instructor: Staff
Class meets: Monday and Wednesday
Beginners meet from 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Advanced students meet from 7:30 – 8:30 pm
Location: Windward CC, Hale Kuhina 115
Cost: $30 + $15 lab fee payable to instructor

ENR7012 10/1 10/29 9 mtgs.
ENR7012 11/3 - 11/26 8 mtgs.
ENR7012 12/1 - 12/17 6 mtgs.
ENR7012 1/5 - 1/28 7 mtgs.

Download course flyer.

Health with Marie Riley

Instructor: Marie Riley
Class meets: Wednesday
Time:  9:45 – 11:45 am
Location: Windard CC, Hale Kuhina 115
Cost: $12 each course

Wear comfortable clothes, no fragrance, and bring a wrap in case the air conditioning fees too cold.

Chi Kung and Memory Exercise

Easily memorized, Chi Kung movements (the basis for Tai Chi) build energy (Chi), mind/body integration, and sustained concentration. Participants report improved flexibility, natural breathing, mental focus, and memory.

ENR7052 9/24 1 mtg.

Tai Chi and Relaxed Vision

Relaxed eyes and non-effort movements of the head, neck and torso are principles of Tai Chi and of the Dr. Bates Method of Vision Training. Eye strain can benefit from these relaxing approaches. We can palm th eyes with chi awareness. Learn the various techniques.

ENR7054 10/8 1 mtg.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Balance

Besides structural balance in standing and walking, we experience balance in breathing, circulation, digestion, and mental function. Learn the various techniques.

ENR7055 10/22

Chi Kung for Reducing Muscle Tension

Muscles in your neck and shoulders can release and re-balance with slow movements of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Also included, self-acupressure, Feldenkrais, and imagery for posture. Learn the various techniques.

ENR7053 11/12 1 mtg.
Marie Riley
Marie Riley , M.A., and L.M.T., is the Director of the Acupressure Center of Hawaii. Marie has studied with Mary Chou, Al Huang and Marshall Ho.