Leadership Seminar
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WCC Leadership Seminar 2016
"Becoming A Professional Human Being"
with Jim Bagnola

Monday, November 7, 2016
9 am - 4 pm
Windward Community College
Hale Akoakoa

Becoming A Professional Human Being

How to Enjoy Stress-Free Work and Personal Happiness Using the Mind/Body/Work Connection

Becoming a Professional Human Being (PHB) requires personal accountability and effective personal leadership. It explores the laws that shape our reality and how we use them. Our health, success and our capacity to lead require self-responsiblity and a harmonious mind-body relationship. This seminar reveals the secrets of this connection.

Topics include:
  • Avoiding the Comfort Zone
  • Moment Management: Improving your ability to interpret and evaluate
  • Harnessing language that empowers
  • Mind-body link influences your ability to lead
  • Fundamentals of the energetic body-mind
Everyone who attends will receive a copy of Jim's book "Becoming a Professional Human Being."
Registration Fee: $220
Breakfast, lunch and book included.

For questions or assistance with registration please call (808) 235-7433.

Who should attend:

Managers and employees in private business, government and nonprofit organization directors, first line supervisors and leaders, professionals and paraprofessionals, business owners/entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.

Why attend:

Whether we lead a small team or an entire organization, we are the first beneficiaries of everything we think, do, and say. It’s not what happens to us; it’s what happens in us. Every choice, every thought, words and action has consequences–physiologically either health creating or “dis-ease” producing. Learn to use the Mind-Body-Connection to access the power within.

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Jim Bagnola

Jim Bagnola’s goal is to build professional human beings. For over 25 years, Jim has been speaking and educating in the field of leadership and body-mind management, focusing on the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success, and the capacity to lead.

His bestseller nonfiction book titled “Becoming a Professional Human Being: How to Enjoy Stress-Free Work and Personal Happiness Using the Mind/Body/Work Connection” was published in the U.S. and Romania in 2012, and in Japan in 2014.

Jim is an executive coach to Fortune 500 company leaders and a Global Mentor for the World Bank, coaching entrepreneurs worldwide. He has a MA in Human Development, Maharishi University of Management, a MA in Applied Psychology, University of Santa Monica, and an honorary doctorate in Management. Jim was awarded the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) from the Global Speakers Federation and National Speakers Association (only 600 worldwide). He has offices in Austin, Texas, Bucharest, Romania and Tokyo, Japan.

Bagnola is the President of The Leadership Group International. He is Chairman of the Board of Leaders Romania and is a frequent lecturer for AIESEC, an international student organization based in the Netherlands. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Olive Branch Foundation in Ohio.  Jim is adjunct professor at the University of Bucharest (Romania), Maharishi University of Management, Pontificia Universidad Javierana (Colombia), Kent State University.

Selected Clients: Shell Oil Company, U.S. Secret Service, Marriott Hotels, Siemens, Motorola, Scotiabank, Hella (Romania), Ecolab, Continental Hilton Hotels, Hawaii Leadership Academy and Pacific Leadership Academy, Young Brothers Hawaii and Hawaii Association of Broadcasters.
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Jim Bagnola. Jim Bagnola performs a test on Ian Masterson.

Jim Bagnola Leadership Seminar “Inspires” at WCC

UH News, October 30, 2015
KANE‘OHE, HI – One hundred eleven state government and local business leaders attended and participated in “Leading is Everybody’s Business,” led by executive coach and International speaker Jim Bagnola on Tuesday, October 20 at Windward Community College.Bagnola’s dynamic presentation focused on the relationship of leadership...  read more
“Giving up the time for this class at a critical phase of my work seemed a sacrifice at the start but the time there was quickly repaid. I applied the
valuable techniques taught to help my team...obtain management approval for recommendations that should increase Continental Division’s operating cash income by over $50,000,000 per year.”

    -  Robert E. Sheffield, 
     Shell Oil Company