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Adventure Design for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Explore Professional Adventure Design and Development in this three week intensive online program.  Begin with tricks to awaken the creative beast in brainstorming, then forage onward to the perfect setting, conjure the most devious and diabolical of villains, and the plunge into engaging plots to evoke nail-biting tension and elicit roars of triumph and delight from players.  Garner industry-insider tips from one of the most published writers in the game.  This course is the perfect first step to upping your game, getting your brain-children published, and sharing your imaginings with gamers far and wide.  All participants will also contribute to a short PDF one-shot adventure co-written along with Nicolas Logue, and will be the only recipients of this exclusive content.

Instructor: Nick Logue
Meeting time: Anytime
Location: Online
Cost: TBD

ENR7070 TBD varied mtgs.
Nick Logue, caucasian man with dark hair wearing glasses pretending to bite a shoe.
Nicolas Logue is the Theatre Instructor at Windward Community College. He holds an MFA in Acting and Asian Theatre from University of Hawai'i and a BA in Theatre and Chinese Studies from SUNY at Buffalo. An internationally acclaimed stage director with credits in New York, London, Honolulu and Beijing. Logue is also a published author of over twenty books, a produced playwright and optioned screenwriter, movement specialist, combat choreographer, world renowned game designer, and an award winning stage actor.