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Feng Shui: Health and Prosperity in 2015 and the Future Years

Help to protect your health and/or enhance prosperity in your home and/or office in 2015.  Learn where prosperity and sickness energies are for the year 2015. Learn about applying enhancements and/or protection regarding these yearly energies. Gain an understanding about where these energies will be in future years. Students are encouraged to take a compass reading of their home and/or office beforehand then bring the reading and a copy of floor plan of their home and/or office on day of class.

This course is not being offered at this time.

Chinese Astrology: Favorable Periods in Your Life - NEW

Will the future be prosperous and successful for you?  Chinese Four Pillars Astrology could reveal which periods in a person's life may be more favorable for each individual regarding such aspects as prosperity, wealth and success.  In addition, gain an understanding about your lucky decades (which are 10-year time periods in your life) that may hold different energies for you.

Each student receives a laminated personalized Four Pillars Chart and a personalized Lucky Decades Chart.

Please contact instructor at 735-5688 or email: at least 2 weeks prior to the class, to give date of birth and time of birth info to receive laminated charts. (If born outside of Hawaii, please indicate whether there was daylight savings time.)

This course is not being offered at this time.
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Alan S. F. Lum is a graduate of the University of Hawaii-Mānoa; Leeward Community College; Windward Community College; University of Hawaii-Hilo (Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology), and Kapi’olani Community College (Religion). He is a Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultant, speaker, instructor and author.
Alan’s consultations have included luxury multi-million dollar residential building, business head offices, private homes, and condominium units.