Customized Training

Program Coordinator

Jane Uyetake
tel: (808) 235-7363
If your department needs efficiency and speed to compete in today’s fast moving economy or need to learn techniques that can otherwise take years to master customized training may be your solution.

We offer the following sessions:
• Customizable content that is software or technical skill building specific
• Analysis of specific job workflows
• Variable course durations and teaching formats for large or small groups
• On-site training if space is available

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Most frequently requested courses.

Business Applications Using Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 1
Level 1 covers intermediate Microsoft Excel skills. Intermediate topics covered include formatting worksheets, importing Web data, sorting worksheet rows, freezing headings, using templates, and more.

Business Applications Using Micrsoft Excel 2016 - Level 2
Level 2 covers intermediate Microsoft  Excel skills. Intermediate topics covered include advanced formatting of worksheets, importing web data, sorting worksheet rows, freezing headings, using templates, and more.

Microsoft Word 2016 For The Business World - Level 1
Level 1 is a complete survey of Microsoft Word introductory skills. Topics covered include working with text, using proofreading tools, formatting tools, creating bulleted and numbered lists, creating and using tables, using forms and more.

Business Applications Using Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 - Level 1
Level 1 covers key introductory Microsoft Powerpoint skills. Topics covered include themes, bulleted lists, outlines formatting text, delivering slide show and more.

Microsoft Word 2016 For The Business World - Level 2
Level 2 covers intermediate Word 2010 skills. Topics covered include newsletter columns, WordArt and clip art, basic mail merge, document themes, styles, picture editing, footnotes and endnotes, templates and more.Dealing with Challenging Customer Service Situations
This interactive hands-on workshop will teach you skills to handle the 6 major difficult customer types. These skills will help you grow and sustain total customer service satisfaction for your organization.

Business Writing
Your job probably requires you to give information or solve problems. It is also a good idea to promote good will for your agency. In this workshop, we will go over the principles of writing to explain and writing to solve problems in a concise and friendly way.

Principles of Report Writing
Reports should focus on “Who? What? Where? and When?” When reporters speculate on the “How?” They might run into problems because their judgments will interfere with the factual. We will go over basic principles of writing a factual report and the techniques to avoid slanting and making inferences or judgments.

Conflict Resolution: Developing Productive Work Relationships through Collaboration
This workshop examines concepts with practical approaches to implementing organizational initiatives which generates collaborative productivity. Learn to establish a collaborative and productive work environment by recognizing the “retaliatory cycle” types of workplace conflict, the 5 stages of personal conflict, and learning the communication tool kit.

Developing an Evolving Customer Service Program
Customer service is most effective when it can successfully evolve with the demands of an evolving customer base. Learn about the importance of the “Value Formula” and how to understand the relationship between the value formula and the value chain.
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